About Us

The Internet: New Ways to Succeed

Being a webmaster is an evolving profession, at least when you take responsibility for your clients' advertising success. Assembling a nice-looking set of pages used to be enough. For the small business, word-of-mouth and local print media guided people to your online web presence, which served as a brochure, a monologue from the business to its prospective clients. Those days are gone!

Now more than ever, print media is a thing of the past. Your internet presence is a multi-part dialogue. It includes search engine rankings, social media, multiple online directory listings, and client feedback. Now more than ever, who you are, what you do, and how you do it must be online and visible to your prospective client base: your community.

Change is never easy, but if you start today, over the coming months your new internet presence will reveal the path your business has followed and the direction it will take. By revealing your organization's history to prospective clients, it describes what people can expect from you - it becomes your success story. As an Internet Presence Manager, the DataSmith goal is to manage the construction of that story on your behalf.

Who We Are

After a 3 year tour as a cook in the US Army, Scott D. Smith graduated from Rutgers University, NJ in 1984 (BA Economics), from Pace University, NY in 1989 (MBA Finance) and from Fordham Law School (JD), NY in 1994. I worked on the back-office side of international securities operations for financial institutions such as Brown Brothers Harriman and Merrill Lynch before forming DataSmith Consulting, Inc. in 1998.

Late in 2001, I stopped travelling to onsite consulting engagements in faraway places, and started to focus on a more family-oriented career/lifestyle from the home office. In 2003, DataSmith started building databases and websites and has gradually shifted focus toward providing high quality, low cost services to small businesses. DataSmith Consulting currently manages several hundred websites and a variety of related internet services.

In 2013, DataSmith purchased a new home office in the Northeastern hills of Pennsylvania. Benefitting from exceptional local technology services, fresh air and country living, DataSmith is gradually moving from a "quantity of production" business model toward one that emphasizes quality of results. Internet Presence Management requires daily attention, and DataSmith is set up to provide that attention required to maximize the return on your internet investment.

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