Templates: Cost Effective and Abundant Choices

Working with Templates

Themeforest is today's leader when it comes to the resources that are available for graphic artists, web designers and small businesses that want to make a professional online presentation. At the same time, online, do-it-yourself website generators continue to fall short of the mark. Even the bigger solutions like Wordpress can be confusing, time-consuming tools.

That's why DataSmith chooses to guide prospective website customers to Themeforest. You can pick the template that comes close to the vision you have of your new website, and acquire it for only a few dollars. For most small businesses, it's a better alternative than starting from scratch and investing time and money to build something that already exists.

Once you select your favorite template, we add your logo, your images, and your original content. If you want to make changes on a regular basis, we connect your theme to our content management system, so you can login and add information when you wish. Or you can email your changes and receive same day service. Either way, DataSmith makes it easy for you to apply regular updates to your website.

It takes a certain amount of vision to look at a template and see it with your colors, your menu and pages and your images and your content in the place if the stock are and the "Lorem ipsum" filler text that is typically used. The more you browse the vast variety at www.ThemeForest.com, the easier it may become imagining your message wrapped in the choice that appeals to you the most.

What to Look For

HTML5 and CSS3 are the styles we prefer and Responsive or Liquid layouts are the best because these templates adjust to neatly fill the screen of the personal computer, tablet or palm device that you use to call the page. You can aproximate the response of a liquid layout by slowly sizing your window to become more and more narrow; as you do you will see menus, images and text resize and adjust to maintain a properly visible display. A good responsive layout eliminates the need for a separate mobile website, and allows your message to be communicated to devices of any screen resolution.